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Two grain trading families founded Parrish and Heimbecker Limited over 100 years ago.   In 1909, fifty year old W.L. Parrish from Brandon, Manitoba partnered with 30 year old Norman Heimbecker from Hanover, Ontario to start the company.  Along with many professional managers, those 2 Canadian families continue to own and actively manage the company today.

With over 1,300 employees and with customers in two dozen countries, P&H has grown into a diversified, vertically integrated company.

Celebrating 100 Years - Brochure and Video

100th Anniversary Video

100th Anniversary brochure (2009) Click Here

Brochures through the Years
95th Anniversary brochure (2004) Click HereP&H’s flour division Newlife Mills (Flour Division) completed a new milling unit and increased capacity to 500 tonnes per 24 hours. The eastern grain division Mississauga moved their head office from Toronto to Mississauga and merged the feed ingredient division with the grain trading division to harmonize and service their customers more efficiently.

90th Anniversary brochure (1999) Click Here – P&H and upgraded capacities of their elevators and rail lines which increased efficiencies. Newlife Mills feed efficiencies increased, they now cut the amount of feed and time it took by half  to raise a broiler to market weight and increased higher producing laying hens.

80th Anniversary brochure (1989) Click Here – P&H had recently acquired the seven elevators of Cook’s (now part of Eastern Grain Division, Parrheim Foods was also incorporated into the P&H family at this time, establishing P&H as a dry bean processor and crop inputs retailer in Southern Ontario.  At the same time the P&H foods division was formed, and the Glencoe Grain & Seed Company joined the Eastern Grain team.

70th Anniversary brochure (1979) Click Here – P&H had recently acquired the Ellison Milling Company, now a division of the P&H Milling Group.  This brochure provides a historical commentary, juxtaposing the current day operations at the time with the origins of the company.


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