Upgrades to Quill Lake, Sk Grain Elevator and Crop Inputs Centre

July 15, 2021 | Western Canada

At Parrish & Heimbecker, we are committed to investing in our facilities to support the customers in the areas we serve. With that, we are excited to announce upgrades to our Quill Lake location beginning in summer.

First, is our rail expansion project; we are increasing our existing 50 car spot to accommodate 100 cars from CN in one spot. This upgrade allows us to clear twice as much grain out of the facility. Increased shipping will provide more consistent and higher volume marketing plans to our customers. Construction will begin in July with a completion date of November.

In addition to the rail expansion, we are adding a rail car unloading system that will allow us to unload a rail car off either track at 272mt/hour. We will also be able to unload an improperly loaded rail car or receive rail cars that were loaded elsewhere. This project will also add safety and efficiencies to our rail system. Construction will begin in August with a completion date of September.

The installation of a fertilizer rail unload tunnel, capable of unloading a rail car at 200mt/hour, is underway as well as the first phase of increasing the speed of the facilities’ rail load-out capacity.